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Finman & Associates, Inc., Environmental Consulting & Contracting, Tucson, AZ

Our Location

We are located on Oracle between Prince and Fort Lowell.

  • 3350 N Oracle Rd
  • Tucson, AZ 85705
  • Local: 520-444-9480
  • Fax: 520-888-7266
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Past Projects

AsturGold Project, Asturias Spain
Responsible for Coordinating all Support Aspects in the Feasibility Design of the AsturGold – Salave Spain Project for the Mill, Underground, Crushing, Conveying, Instrumentation & Electrical, Estimating, Expediting Equipment Quotations, and General Support of an Owner Designed Underground Gold Mining Project.
Mineral Park Mine, Inc. Kingman, AZ
  • Responsible for Coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Redesign of the Mine Dump hoppers from 200 Ton to 300 Ton Truck Capacity;
  • Coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, and Foundation Design for a 600 MT/HR Pebble Crusher Circuit and System design cost.
American Bonanza Copperstone Gold Mine and Mill Project Quartzsite, Arizona
  • Responsible for Engineering and Design Team for Gold Mill Project including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, and Instrumentation, estimated $650,000 Engineering Budget <5% of Construction Cost.
MSHA Approved Part 46a Surface Metal Mine Trainer, In-Process of Obtaining Part 46b Underground Approval. Development of Customized New Miner and Refresher Courses Specific to the Site.
Obtained 2008.
Low-Cost Mechanical, Structural, Civil, and Electrical Engineering Consulting Services Primarily Reviewing and Redesigning Equipment Designs of Others (Fluor, M3, Mountains States Engineers, etc.) that failed to perform as expected and Design Capacity Increase Requirements, Design Maintenance Efficiency Improvements, and Design Structures to meet Safety Requirements. Most Projects are smaller (in the $1,000 to $5,00,000 range).
Freeport-McMoRan Bagdad Operations (Formerly Phelps Dodge Bagdad)
  • Project Budgets Range from $1,000 to $350,000
  • Mill Electrical Drawing Conversion from Paper to AutoCAD (Hard Copy to Electronic Format conversion) (2003-2005).
  • Townsite and Trailer Park Utilities Piping Drawings conversion from paper to AutoCAD (2007).
  • Overland Conveyor Vibration Sensor System as-Built Drawings (2007).
  • Drawing Management System Collection, Scanning, and Indexing (June 2007 to Jan 2009)
  • Mill Equipment Maintenance Files Indexing in Database (Aug 2008 – Jan 2009)
  • Overland Conveyor Counterweight Hoist Design (2008)
  • Mill Reagent Tank Support Structure Design (2008).
  • Mill Liner Handler Clamp & Anchor Review and Design (2008)
  • Geotechnical Study for Foundations Requirement for Mill Incremental Expansion (2008)
  • Mill Emergency Water Supply Piping and Storage 16,000 ft Design, Estimate and Feasibility (2008)
  • Copper Rougher Circuit Repair Design (2008)
  • Autogenous, Rod, and Ball Mill Grinding Lines Platform Extensions and Maintenance Monorail Design (2008)
  • Chilled Water System Redesign for Reclaim of Raw Water Used for Cooling (2008-2009)
  • Mill Feed Stockpile Draw Conveyor Camera Support Structure Redesign (2008)
  • SX Plant Lead Plate Storage Building Foundations Design (2008)
Fluor Canada for Freeport-McMoRan Bagdad
  • Project Estimated Cost $120,000 actual Final Cost $76,000
  • Crusher Foundations Shoring (130 ft deep Excavation) Feasibility Study for Mill Incremental Expansion Project (July 2008)
Freeport-McMoran Miami Operations (Formerly Phelps Dodge Corporation Miami)
  • Furnace Electrode Paste Hoist Frame Re-Design for Heavier Paste Block Sizes – Cost $540 – 2010
  • Smelter Concentrate Conveying and Handling, and Bulk Materials Conveying, Storage, and Handling, Bedding Plant Capacity Expansion Feasibility Study (2002). Cost $5,000.
Kvaerner Industrial Constructors - Tucson
Mechanical Engineering & Design of Wood chip fueled steam turbine for production of electricity in co-generation with local utility, located at Springerville, AZ. (2002)
Hawthorne Engineering, Inc. – Tucson
  • Processed Uranium Ore Run-off Water Evaporation Pond Design for Super Fund Clean-up, located at Moab, UT. (2002)